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Golden Milk Turmeric Tea With Anti Inflammatory Benefits

Make the most out of the benefits of turmeric with a healthy and tasty golden milk turmeric tea recipe that the whole family would definitely love!

9 Easy Homemade Spice Blends [Infographic]

With so many spices and herbs available, why not produce your own homemade savoury and sweet mix? Start with these 9 quick and easy spice blends recipes.

Golden Milk

This traditional Ayurvedic healing recipe has been used in our family for years and is one of my favorites! Not only does it help support your immune system...

23 Coffee Hacks That Will Change Your Life (#6 is Genius)

These coffee HACKS will save you time, money, help you brew BETTER coffee and provide you with hours of fun! Start executing them now to improve your day with coffee.

DIY Chai Spice Mix (only 7 ingredients!) - A Dash of Megnut

2 reviews
5 minutes

Making chai spice mix at home is so easy! Add it into your baked goods, morning oatmeal, or smoothies for a taste of fall!

DIY Chai Spice Mix

Diehard chai lovers, take note. You can make your own chai spice mix at home! And it's for so much more than just tea :) Head to the blog via this link to discover more ideas for getting this chai goodness into your life.

How to make Moon Juice's beauty-enhancing drinks | Well+Good

These three recipes from The Moon Juice Cookbook are what Amanda Chantal Bacon sips for clear, glowing skin.

Chocolate caliente especiado

5 reviews

El chocolate caliente especiado es una de las bebidas más fabulosas que debes aprender a preparar en casa. De esa forma cualquier día en cualquier momento podrás saborearlo. ¿Con quién…

Best Vanilla Chai Tea Recipe of 2021 | Freshnss

The Quest for the Best Vanilla Chai Tea Recipe of 2021: In the western part of the world we consider Chai to be an aromatic creamy drink but Chai is in fact a word used to describe tea in general. The Chai that has become popular for us originates from India and though the spices used vary depending on the region, the basic ingredients are the same

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Pan a la Mexicana - Recetas Mexicanas

Este pan tiene una textura maravillosa y una corteza firme. Es riquísimo con las sopas cremosas o para acompañar los chiles. Te encantará. Tiempo de preparación – 5 minutos Tiempo de cocción – 45 minutos Ingredientes: rinde 16 porciones 2/3 taza de agua templada 1/2 taza de crema agria 3 cucharadas de salsa…

Chai Spice Mix - A Family Feast®

Make your own Chai Spice Mix using ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen cabinet!