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#wattpad #outros-gneros Estos son fails o simplemente cosas graciosas de BANGTAN, pero absolutamente todos serán Gifs.  Bueno sin mas, espero que les guste ˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ

nothing happened, this time Jimin saved Jungkook. Also can we talk about J-hope in the background 😂😂


you are my only surge dancing dorks featuring SUGA reading behind them

Seguro muchas conocen a la K boy band, Bangantang Boys o BTS, bueno e… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

Read update'an unfaedah from the story es krim [remake] ●vkook● by Jeonkookiest (papioo) with reads.

God! Yoongi. What are you doing?! I told you that I am the only one to see that. ✌

Read from the story FACTS BTS by yoongifly ([ ♡ ]) with reads. j-hope, jin, bts. Suga dijo que : " Las armys no deben tener novio ya que no debe.

Taehyung playing with Jungkook's hair

Taehyung playing with Jungkook's hair Happy Stars Shine The Brightest - Maybeanothername

Vkook <3 one of my favorite pairing | BTS JUNGKOOK & V

Kookie really looks up to TaeTae. Just look at that big smile on his face at after getting a little bit of attention.