A beleza da imperfeição em tatuagens

„Beauty Of Imperfection“ – Awesome Sketch Tattoos by Polish Artist Inez Janiak

Dark drawing

His face was perfect, features sculpted of marble and painted in black and gold. But inside he was a ruination, screaming and cracking and broken. And no one knew. They only saw his face.

Sketch style dragon by Felipe Mello

60 Reasons Why You Need A Sketched Tattoo Design

Tattoo Tips and Fascination Behind Tattoo Designs Growing Popularity. Your Online Guide for Tattoo Designs Tips.

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Depth and darkness.. There is so much underneath you, that you'll never see coming. Im more afraid of the depth and 'getting pulled under' current, than the scary creatures that reap below.

The Ocean is a beautiful, frightening place…

Just look how big and dark and deep the ocean is its just like outer space but with scary creatures