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Джимми нечего делать ;-;. Можете это увидеть в Амино.

Белка и Ежевичка! :3


Заказ - 5 из Амино

-- by unknown artist -- tried to doodle in photoshop but… no pen pressure haha haven’t drawn much warriors wise lately, so here’s a bluestar

Ashfur x Hawkfrost by Angel-Hawk

Since Hollyleaf is your favorite character I'd like to ask you what you think of Ashfur (because I know many Hollyleaf lovers hate him, but I love them both and think.

gravity of love by selfish-machines

Wind Runner and Gorse Fur by Silverzoul

Why rock why jayfeather wanted to be with halfmoon he wanted to be a warrior grow old with a mate and kits

My birth went against the warrior code and I was born blind. I trained to be a warrior but changed to a medicine cat.(Jayfeather,Guessed by )