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a painting of a black cat with yellow eyes sitting in a white container on a red background
True Art
a green frog with a snail on it's back sitting under a large leaf
αyu on Twitter
a black and white cow laying down with the word mooooo written on it
I Created 27 Moody Animal Puns To Remind Everyone That It’s OK To Be Sad (27 Pics)
a drawing of a woman with the words you won't feel better by feeling less
7 Sassy Feminist Illustrations That Are Just What You Need for Life's Most Irritating Moments
a painting of a woman sitting on the floor next to a record player and other items
MonteCristo on X
a drawing of a person with a thought bubble saying it's ok, little brain everything will be just fine
a blue and yellow book cover with an image of flowers
How to Get the Cozy Hygge Feeling at Home
a drawing of a person with arms and legs stretched out, saying it's not your job to be executing to everyone
a drawing of two people holding hands with the words be brave, don't shave
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