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a bulletin board with the words rumble in the jungle and pictures of children's faces
My Classroom Door For My Safari Theme. 241
a room decorated with paper flowers and trees
a palm tree made out of paper on top of a wooden stick and some brown balls
green paper streamers are hanging from the ceiling in front of a classroom door that is decorated with leaves
Feira Cultural Região Norte - Amazônia
The art of being a teacher: Cultural Fair North Region - Amazon
this is a collage of pictures with birds and flowers on the wall in front of it
Jungle themed classroom
an empty classroom with desks and chairs covered in green ivy hanging from the ceiling
a room decorated with paper trees and other decorations
Kindergarten rainforest decorating ideas
a painting of a toucan sitting on top of a bamboo tree with flowers and leaves
Forest Craft Ideas
an animal made out of paper and some leaves