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a slice of chocolate cake with cherries on the top and one piece cut out
Torta foresta nera
a cup of coffee next to a box of chocolates with roses in the background
Treat yourself
Chocolate and coffee
a chocolate cake with cherries and marshmallows on top
Bolo Floresta Negra - Aprenda passo a passo!
Aprenda de forma prática tudo sobre Bolos Gourmet, tendência rentável no mundo da confeitaria e tenha muito lucro trabalhando de casa! /confeitaria decoração / bolos / bolos decorados aniversario / bolos de aniversario / bolos modernos femininos / aniversario / bolo decorado / red velvet/ bolo oreo/ receita bolo passo a passo/ curso bolo/ bolo aniversario menina / curso de confeitaria / bolos e doces/ bolo floresta negra /
a piece of chocolate cake with whipped cream and cherries on top is sitting on a plate
Mini Black Forest Gateaux Recipe | Dr. Oetker
1h 30m
a dessert with raspberries and whipped cream on a plate next to pink flowers
a white plate topped with a cake covered in chocolate and raspberry toppings
Decadent Delights: A Visual Feast of Dark Chocolate Ganache, Raspberry Coulis, and Vanilla Bean Ice
The dessert is elegantly plated on a sleek white ceramic plate, with each component carefully arranged to create a visually stunning presentation The star of the dish is a decadent dark chocolate ganache cake, its velvety texture and rich flavor enticing the eye and tempting the taste buds
a piece of cake sitting on top of a plate next to a cup of coffee
there is a cake with purple frosting on the table next to flowers and a cup of coffee
there are two cakes on the table with purple flowers
a chocolate cake with yellow flowers on top sitting on a wooden table next to a basket
a piece of cake with chocolate frosting and cherries on the plate next to it
ДЕСЕРТОМАНКА on Instagram: “🍒 ШОКОЛАДНЫЙ ТОРТ С ВИШНЕЙ. ⠀ 🔥 Напоминаем Вам про нашу главную группу во ВКонтакте. Ссылка в шапке профиля 👆🏻. Переходите, подписывайтесь…”
a cake with chocolate icing and cherries sitting on a table next to wine glasses