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Labusca Alexandru
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Deadpool vs. Abraham Lincoln by Geoff Darrow *

The grudge match you've been waiting for: DEADPOOL VS. Deadpool de-undead-ifies AT LEAST twelve Presidents, easy. Guaranteed to make you better looking to potential mates!


Want this game so badly the graphics are just gorgeous and beautifuly detailed I watch PewDiePie play journey its FLIPIN AWESOME you should watch it!

Batgirl & Spider-Gwen: I like to think of this as two different parallel worlds. The Marvel universe is on the bottom, and the DC universe is on the top.

Domino & Deadpool by Jose Emroca Flores

Conceptual illustrator, Jose Emroca Flores, has uploaded his pitch and cutscene artwork that he created for High Moon Studio's new Deadpool video game. It features X-Men babes, Pslocke and Domino.

Dejafeutre Sketch US-based artist Robert DeJesus has been accepting commissions by strangers to draw Japanese anime-inspired portraits of.