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Ian Somerhalder-His flipping eyess!!!

Ian Somerhalder- can not get enough of those eyes! more like ian SMOLDER

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder makes a perfect Christian Grey.

Oh Ian...

And Norman Reedus. And Paul Wesley. And Channing Tatum. And Jamie Campbell Bower. And Danny Worsnop. And Ben Bruce. And, let's just face it, I'm mentally dating like 30 other famous guys, most of which are older than I am.

The Mean Girls- Vampire Diaries cross. Alaric Saltzman x Damon Salvatore x Elena Gilbert - Matt Davis x Ian Somerhalder x Nina Dobrev

Elena what are you doing with Damon ...... its always going to be STEFAN <3

The Vampire Diaries Stefan & Elena

this is completely awesome and true.

Boys in Mystic Falls vs. boys I went to high school with (but.we still love ya, home town boys)!

Hahaha so true

Divergent is so much better than twilight. Oh wait every book is better than twilight. JK Rowling created abetted love story in Snapes memory in one chapter than all of the twilight series.


I really like this about the Salvatore Brothers. So true Damon is BAE!

Like a...Vampire Diaries

Perfect for a vampire diaries fangirl like me to live by lol.

the vampire diaries, tvd, and quote image

the vampire diaries, tvd, and quote image Más