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It's because we love harder and deeper than anyone else you will ever know! If you let a Pisces go, no doubt you'll find yourself regretting it. People always tend to gravitate back to us. ~ well said previous pinned.

I wont hold back and i wont take back. Deal with it or leave!

this is totally true. Quick wit and sarcasm. I say some messed up things at times. but afterwards I usually don't feel bad about saying them because they were the truth and you need to remember them even if those words were hurtful.

A Pisces will and can destroy anyone who decides to mess with the people they love. That dreamy Pisces turns into a raging animal.


Pisceans see the good. When it comes to some Piscean.this is a SERIOUS character flaw, but for most it's one of the best character traits that Pisceans offer.