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Carmen Ianiotescu

Carmen Ianiotescu
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Memorial Şişli IVF & Genetics Center

Memorial Şişli IVF & Genetics Center

13 Surprising Sperm Killers |

From food packaging to the food itself, men are inundated with sperm-slaying chemicals.

sperm_infographic | Ovulation Calendar

250 Million Attempt The Journey, But Only One Will Make It… 1000 sperm roll off the production line every heartbeat & 250 million leave the male body at ejaculation. It's a big race with only 1 penetrating the egg. An amazing infographic.

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10 Vitamin Rich Foods to Boost Egg Health.

Ten vitamin rich foods women should be eating to boost egg health. Healthy eggs are important for conception, pregnancy and a healthy baby.

PCOS Superfoods – I’m particularly fond of #2

PCOS Superfoods- avocado, walnut, almond, vitamin D, apple cider vinegar