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an open oven door with the words magic cleaner on it's left and right side
https://www.facebook.com/idearoomfb/photos/a.10151907692646382/10156920992056382/?type=3&theater | H
an info sheet with the words how long should you keep financial statements? on it
Your Essential Guide For How Long To Keep Financial Statements
Financial Statements
a kitchen with white cabinets and wood floors, stainless steel sink and dishwasher
6 Elements That Make a Kitchen Timeless
6 Elements to a Kitchen That Make It Timeless -important decisions for a kitchen renovation.
an ad for the laundry stain removal guide, with instructions on how to use it
Spring Break DIY: Milk Art | FLUTTER FLUTTER
Pre-treat stubborn stains with everyday household products.\n I have been using my own printable version of this stain removal guide for over a year and it makes such a difference (especially when you are a busy parent). It is so quick and easy to refer to the list of pre-treatments and I hardly ever have a problem with stubborn stains any more.
a black and white poster with numbers in the bottom right hand corner that reads, save $ 10 a month
The Amazing Way Your Money Grows
Building savings
an iphone screen showing the pricing for two different items, including $ 10 and $ 25
Anatomy of a crash... part I - Financial Methods Group
Next money challenge I plan to do this is broken into bi weekly pay.
how to build a million dollar account by age 65
Inspiration. Creativity. Wonder.
This Savings Plan Will Help You Become a Millionaire by Age 65
the printable money saving challenge for kids
52 Week Money Challenge for Kids | Money Saving Printable
52 Week Money Challenge for Kids - great learning for kids this year on how to earn, save, and the impact it can make long term for them
a washer and dryer in a small room with white cabinets, black counter tops and gray walls
Bead board, grey walls, large tabletop and plenty of storage in laundry room
Bead board, grey walls, large tabletop and plenty of storage in laundry room by MyheartForever
the $ 5, 000 new years challenge table
How To Save $5,000 With the 52-Week Money Challenge
How to save $5,000 this year with the 52-week money challenge
the average price for homes in each city is $ 2, 000 per square foot
DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia Real Estate
an image of a restaurant receipt with the price for each item on it and numbers below
When you paycheck isn't that big and you want to save-