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Cristina Nicole

Cristina Nicole
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ideas for shaping birds out of clay

Wooden birds carved inside World War II-era Japanese American internment camps. A sampling of artwork in “The Art of Gaman” by Delphine Hirasuna. The bird’s tiny legs were crafted from surplus snipped off wire mesh screens over barrack windows.

Pendants and beads of plastic and epoxy DIY.  Instructions in Russian, but Google will translate.  Never thot of this! ....

Tutorial on how to make polymer clay pendant frames and then filling with epoxy resin. The pictures in the tutorial are fairly self-explanatory. Magic-gloss (a UV resin) or even liquid clay could be used in place of the epoxy resin.

Wire Wrapped Earrings-Add Beads to The Wire Hoop �C Nbeads by clairehobby

Wire Wrapped Earrings-Add Beads to The Wire Hoop diy crafts craft jewelry diy ideas craft ideas easy diy easy crafts