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a black and white bathroom with two sinks
8" hexagon tiles on shower floor with center drain
8" hexagon tiles on shower floor with center drain
a bathroom with a shower, sink and mirror
the bathroom is decorated in black and white with flowers on the shower stall, marble countertop
a bathroom vanity with two mirrors above it and gold accents on the wall, along with white towels
a black and white cat sitting on the ground next to a metal pole with water running down it's side
many boxes are stacked on top of each other
several boxes with blue and white designs are stacked on top of each other in a warehouse
the flooring is on sale for $ 1 79 per square foot at costco
the side of a building with different tile designs on it's walls and windows
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and light fixture on the wall in front of it
Open-Concept Oasis
This bathroom defines luxury by combining trending finishes, a neutral color palette, and total symmetry. The glass half walls provide a clear partition for the tub and dual showerhead area while introducing an architectural element.
a bathroom with wooden cabinets and hanging lights over the sink, along with white towels
See this cabin getaway surrounded by the breathtaking Montana wilderness
a white toilet sitting next to a bath tub in a bathroom under a shower curtain
Kristina Evans on Instagram: "Hang your shower curtain to the ceiling! I love the different look this gave me bathroom! I have 8’ ceilings for reference. Comment “bathroom” and I’ll send ya all the links to my bathroom items! . . #organicmodern #modernhome #amazonfinds #earthytones #earthydecor #modernorganic #bathroomdesign #ltkhome"