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I just think "Oh Oh Oh To Touch And Feel Very Green Vegtables At Home" its kinda dumb but it worked

Cranial Nerves- My dental hygiene school pneumonic to remember them:"On Old Olympus Towering Top a Fin and German View a Hop.

IMMUNITY.... (the Lymphatic system) is Circulation... plain and simple really! 1<3

IMMUNITY: The lymphatic system is a vital part of the immune system.Movement and exercise help the lymph system clean out bacteria and viruses from the body.

El Glúteo Medio el músculo es un estabilizador primario de la Cadera y cuando se debilita tiene correlación con el dolor del bajo trasero, el dolor de Cadera, y el dolor de Rodilla.

The gluteus medius muscle is a primary stabilizer of the hip and when weak has been found to correlate with low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain. This link has good instruction for activating and strengthening the glut medius.

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