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Cosmin Mărculescu
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What do you think? Is this correct honey?

Scorpio and sex; I totally think sex is power. Which is why it's hard to get close to me. I don't just give it up for anyone, you must prove your worthy.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R supercharged track bike.

Today while discussing cars and bikes, I was asked what my dream bike is. This stunning machine is RAPID!

EV-0 RR by Mark Wells at

RR TTXGP zero carbon fuel Grand Prix Motorcycle - Grantham-based Evo Design Solutions was the first company to commit to the TTXGP zero carbon fuel Grand Prix. The race is to be held on the sa.

Tiger Tattoo Design - see more designs on

Tiger tattoos are a combination of beauty and strength. Discover the symbolic meaning of tiger tattoos (with pics).