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three vases hanging from a pole with birds on them
Purple Martin Gourd Pole - WoodLink
the benefits of margolds in the chicken coop cover image with text overlay
Which marigolds are best for your chickens' health?
Marigolds in the chicken coop: the medicinal benefits for your chickens, and the use of different types as a yolk enhancer, an anti-bacterial rub and an insect repellent. #backyardchickens #marigolds #marigoldsinpots #chickengardens
chickens are pecking at each other in the grass
15 Medicinal Herbs for Chickens to Keep Them Healthy and Pestfree
Grow these 15 herbs for chickens near the chicken coop. They will improve immunity, keep them parasite free, reduce their stress, and prevent boredom. Healthy, happy chickens lay more eggs. Growing herbs is a simple and economical way to keep your backyard flock healthy and productive.
a chicken standing on top of a pile of dirt
6 ways to dispose of coop bedding
How to get rid of chicken coop bedding when you clean out the coop.Where to dispose of all that dirty coop litter and how. 6 different ways to get rid of the coop litter. Easy ways to dispose of chicken poop! #chickens #backyardchickens #Homesteading
10 DIY toys for chickens
Chickens love to get busy. They enjoy running around, scratching and pecking at things all the time.
an image of birds of ducks poster
A4 Posters. Breeds of Ducks - Etsy
A4 Laminated Posters. Breeds of Ducks | Etsy
two chickens standing next to each other with the words how to keep chickens warm without electricity
Tips on how to keep your chickens warm this winter
Help your chickens this winter without having to rely on dangerous heat lamps. Follow these diy steps to create a coop that is warm even when it's cold outside. Chicken coop checklist that will help your backyard chickens flourish this winter. Keep those eggs coming strong on winter long by hardy-ing up your chicken flock. #chickens #winterchickencare #backyardchickens #urbanfarming
eggs and an egg shell on a wooden table with one brown, one blue in the middle
Common Egg Quality Problems.
Approximately 2% of all chicken eggs have some defect, ranging from minor, barely noticeable faults to downright alarming deformities. So the chances are pretty good that most, if not all flock owners will at some stage find an irregular egg. This article is about the most common egg irregularities and problems and their causes.
an arrangement of eggs laid out on a table
The 2019 Lineup - Alchemist Farm
The 2019 Lineup
two pictures showing how to draw a bird's wing
How to Sex Chickens: 6 Ways to Determine Hen Or Rooster
How to Sex Chickens: 6 Ways to Determine Hen Or Rooster
farm animals to raise for beginners with pictures of chickens, goats, and rabbits
6 Best Farm Animals to Raise (and 1 Not to) When You're Just Starting out
Thinking of raising chickens, goats, or cows? Read this article first to decide which one is the best.
chicken coop in the yard with text overlay that reads how to build a farmhouse chicken coop
How to Make a DIY Chicken Coop - Woodshop Mike
This is the perfect backyard chicken coop! With easy to follow plans, there's no guesswork on how to make one exactly like this, complete with board and batten trim and an arched door. Your hens will love their new digs almost as much as you do! #chickens #chickencoop #farm #farmlife #chickenlife #farmchickens #diycoop #diychickencoop #cutechickencoop #farmhousechickencoop #cottagecoop #cottagechickencoop #modernfarm #homestead #urbanfarming #urbanfarm #backyardchickens #chickencoopplans