Dwarf Planets of Our Solar System (Infographic)

Infographic of the Dwarf Planets in our Solar System > Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status in joining Eris, Haumea, Makemake and Ceres.

International Space Station.

ISS - passing across the terminator into sunset. Something about the ISS inspires me. I get up in the night to watch it fly across the sky.

spacex mars rocket

SpaceX's Big Fucking Rocket – The Full Story

Moon rocket engines recovered from bottom of Atlantic ocean | Ars Technica

Moon rocket engines recovered from bottom of Atlantic ocean

An engine on display at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. Author's wife at right for scale.

Conjunto constituído pelo Sol e outros corpos.

Some of Jupiter's moons! There are 67 confirmed moons of Jupiter. This gives Jupiter the largest number of moons with reasonably secure orbits of any planet in the Solar System.

NASA's Gemini Mission photographs

The perfect amount of faded light, outdated coloring, and nostalgia seems to make them more beautiful with age. Perhaps that's why this collection of images from NASA's Gemini Program is so stunning.


Space Shuttle Atlantis Up-Close I've worked on that gang plank, the final path of steel to the shuttle's Astronauts entry. Sandblasting and spraying zinc. Most memorable moments and I feel very blessed for the opportunity to do so.

Foguete. Nuvens.

Funny pictures about Space Shuttle breaching the clouds. Oh, and cool pics about Space Shuttle breaching the clouds. Also, Space Shuttle breaching the clouds photos.

The Soviet Union’s abandoned moon lander.

destroyed-and-abandoned: “ The Soviet Moon Lander built to beat the Americans to the moon. Found abandoned in a Lab in Moscow… ethan_kahn: “album Soviet scientists were well ahead of their American.