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Hatred or dislike of women. It can be manifested through discrimination, violence against women, denigration of women, and sexual objectification of women
A look into adds widely used in the 1940s-1960s clearly demonstrating the acceptance of misogyny and sexism within  advertising and media. Women used as sexual objects and lifeless beings in order to increase sales demonstrates the deep roots of this occurrence in social and public spheres.

23 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today

This ad ran in Playboy for Weyenberg Massagic shoes in What can we make of the slogan? "Keep her where she belongs…?" She belongs naked on the floor admiring your shoes?

An article written by Van Badham about the sexist and misogenyst treatment that Julia Gillard had faced in her time as a prime minister of Australia. Despite the fact that she was highly capable and presented outstanding leadership results for the betterment of the country, the fact that she was a woman in politics was constantly emphasized as being "abnormal, out of place and weird." Her policies were successful in creating 14% growth in the economy, but sexist hate speech remained present.

Julia Gillard ousted: Achievement does not equal respect if you're a woman

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was ousted as Labour Party leader on Wednesday by her predecessor, Kevin Rudd, in a vote of party legsilators hoping to

An account of six feminists expressing their understanding of the difference between misogyny and sexism.  The common link amongst all women was the belief that misogyny has deeper and more violent traces of  hatred towards women, where as sexism can be a product of socialization and cultural background. Sexism can be found in most misogynists, however misogyny is not always the root of sexism.

Sexism and misogyny: what's the difference?

What's the difference between sexism and misogyny? Six feminists weigh in.

A Hallmark card aimed at 13 year old girls sparked controversy over its inappropriate content. The birthday card containing: "You're 13 today, If you had a rich boyfriend he'd give you diamonds and rubies, well maybe next year he will when you've bigger boobies."-sparked a negative reaction amongst users of social media, gaining thousands of tweets in a day. Hallmark apologized agreeing that the card was inappropriate.

Outrage at Hallmark birthday card for 13-year-old girls which says they'd get a boyfriend if they had 'bigger boobies'

Canadian government rejects the UN inquiry into systemic violence against Aboriginal women in Canada- an ongoing issue dating back into early settlement years and still prevailing. The international community has been blunt in its critique of Canada's denial of such human rights violations, which Canada's ambassador to the UN, Elissa Golberg has clearly demonstrated by saying: “Canada is proud of its human rights record, and our peaceful and diverse society ”.

Canada rejects UN rights review of violence against aboriginal women

How the government in Canada reacts to women's political issues concerning Aboriginal women. Shawn Atleo, national chief of Canada’s Assembly of First Nations, said there is deep concern among aboriginals over the government’s refusa.

Material collected over a long period of time with regards to female genital mutilation was put into a film in order to reach wider audiences and to educate them about this ongoing issue. Countries practise this inhumane treatment in order to control the female populations from committing inappropriate sexual acts, as prohibited by Islam. This demonstrates misogyny in its extreme form, as violence and force is being used to control and undermine females.

FGM: 'It's like neutering animals' – the film that is changing Kurdistan

FGM: 'It's like neutering animals' – the film that is changing Kurdistan A film made over 10 years with the stories of girls and women affected by female genital mutilation is tackling a taboo subject

A verdict that was meant to bring closure and a sense of comfort to the victims of brutal gang-rapes in India gradually translated into a national movement against anti-female violence, discrimination and socially accepted misogyny."The rapes might not stop; but this conversation isn't stopping either."a phrase that demonstrates public outrage and a desire to unite against sexism in India.This also showcases the power of media that allowed to increase the effectiveness of the movement.

Does the Delhi gang rape sentence bring closure?

Arrests made in India's latest rape case - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English

A devastating case of a young teenage girl committing suicide after being allegedly raped at a party. The instance of rape was photographed and the picture then circulated amongst the girl's school peers. No charges have been laid, even though the incident involved an underaged person. This case demonstrates misogyny through the lack of action undertaken by the criminal justice system, which reinforced this young girl's belief that it was her fault and that no one believed her.

Rape, bullying led to N.S. teen's death, says mom

Police concluded there was insufficient evidence to charge four boys with alleged rape of Rehtaeh Parsons, 17

Male students speaking out about their dissatisfaction with the way in which women's studies are taught in many humanities courses at UofT. They consider the ways in which feminism and women's studies are being taught, perpetuate systematic hate speech as well as create an aggressive and anti-male attitude which in turn discourages males from taking courses in humanities.

Prof entering lion’s den: Soft-spoken academic facing possible planned protests at public University of Toronto event

A humorous approach to a recent protest lead by Saudi women in hopes of changing the government's views on women being allowed to drive. This song gained more then 3 million views in one day, once again bringing international attention to this ongoing issue.

Saudi comedian Hisham Fageeh's version of the Bob Marley classic No Woman, No Cry, protesting the ban on women driving in the kingdom has become a viral sensation

Video: Saudi women filmed defying driving ban in October 26  protest. Saudi Arabia is the last country in the world that does not allow women to drive. This protest made international new over the last fe days, as great bravery can be attributed to women exposing their faces while driving. The women claim that being able to drive alone will allow them to save money by not hiring expensive drivers and will give them time and freedom to move around the city freely.

Saudi women filmed defying driving ban in October 26 protest

Tony Abbott speaking at a rally in front of posters spelling "Ditch the Witch". These posters were aimed at Julia Gillard his political opponent at the time. The fact that Abbott continued his speech even after he saw the posters being behind him demonstrates and reinforces already existing belief that he perpetuated and tolerated sexism and misogyny in his politics.

I think you are entitled to still say something is not right about treatment of women [in Australia], even though it doesn't in any way equal the kind of evils we see overseas. Julia Gillard on the treatment of women in Australia

Warren Farrell is a controversial and self-proclaimed male liberationist and author. He was scheduled to give a talk at UofT but was faced with a group of students protesting his appearance. The main reason for protesting was the fact that Farrell referred to rape as being "exciting" claiming that if a woman says no to intercourse but continues showing consent with her body language she is committing date fraud and should thereby be held as accountable as the aroused male.

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