love the mixed media

She turned her can'ts into cans & her dreams into plans." ____Mixed Media Original Art Dreams into Plans by BaxtersMom on Etsy

Sculpture - "Roots" by Becky Grismer

Roots is part of the series of tree bark figures : Becky Grismer, Roots represents the common characteristic of both trees and humans having roots. Pine tree roots create the figure's base, head piece and are found in the body detail.

button tree

Button Tree by Monica Furlow; using for inspiration for my creation Button Tree by Monica Furlow; using for inspiration for my creation Button Tree by Monica Furlow; using for inspiration for my creation

in between (6) - altered cardboard packaging by Ines Seidel

cardboard packaging with photo transfer, gold acrylic spray, wax and yarn (partly crocheted) . in between - altered cardboard packaging by Ines Seidel

Salvador Dali- I've seen this painting in person - it is unbelievable .

I'm a big fan of Salvador Dali and his works and when I saw this tribute I knew I had to share this with you guys. This Tribute was done by Martin Grohs, a 24 year old artist and designer based in Germany. Enjoy the Surrealism!

Abstract Paintings- I love the thick layers of paint here

Abstract Paintings

The Korean artist Shin Kwangho creates paintings with charcoal and oil painting. His portraits with absent faces, which seems to have wanted to be destroyed, ar

“You Blew Me Away” sculpture by Penny Hardy

'You Blew Me Away' sculpture by Penny Hardy Isn't it interesting to see something made of metal parts be made to look so 'airy' and like they could be blown away at any moment? What an amazing piece!

Malanie Rothschild,"Paint & Air" series. Paint spills suspended in mid-air.

Dried Up Paint Spills Suspended in Mid-Air


Les oeuvres dans la nature d'Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy-Rowan leaves with hole. Everything is found in nature. The circle can be symbolic of unity, something beyond the opening, our longing and earth.

Before photoshop by Thomas Barbey...

Before photoshop

Funny pictures about Before there was a Photoshop. Oh, and cool pics about Before there was a Photoshop. Also, Before there was a Photoshop.

Pencil sculpture

I think this sculpture is so amazing and inspiring, i would love to attempt to do this one day.

ARTFINDER: Abstract Painitng, Felicità, Tree pai... by Maria Fondler-Grossbaum - This unusual wall sculpture is titled "Felicità. This piece has thick layers of paint in a variety of colorus, rhinestones, modeling and crackle paste. Every...

Abstract Painitng, Felicità, Tree painting, Bright colors, textured, Rhinestone, Glass Art, Organic, Modern Painting, Wall Sculpture

I love you, I hate you  by Alessandro Andreuccetti

I'm really loving this artists work Saatchi Online Artist: Alessandro Andreuccetti; Watercolor, Painting "I love you, I hate you"

louise richardson

Layers of scorched and torn paper or fabric. Earth tones, down to earth dress art. IDEA - torn shreds of text as embroidery, or photoshop printed onto fabric Louise Richardson