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a dining room table with chairs and a red refrigerator
Retro-inspired Barcelona flat with cozy interiors
Barcelona Christmas-06-1 Kind Design
a kitchen with white cabinets and marble counter tops
О компании
Кухня Валенсия из 100% массива ясеня под ванильной эмалью с золотой патиной. Вытяжка торговой марки Меццо, бытовая техника Smeg серия Coloniale крем пр-во Италия.
a bright green refrigerator sitting next to a wooden table with flowers and other items on it
To SMEG or not to SMEG?
SMEG in chartreuse color
an old fashioned refrigerator with plants on top
Sneak Peek: Eleonore Bridge
Sneak Peak: Eleonore Bridge. "This is the refrigerator I always dreamed of. I knew it would be in the middle of the room and become an element of decor, so I did not hesitate to buy it despite the price." #sneakpeek
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used for cooking or baking, while also being used as a dining room
Sunny kitchen
instead of file drawers under the sewing table in the studio?
a white refrigerator freezer sitting on top of a wooden counter next to a basket filled with vegetables
Disney.com | The official home for all things Disney
Great idea to dress up the typical boring white fridge! >
the modern kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Une cuisine blanche ouverte sur un salon au même code couleur où le rouge du frigidaire et celui de la toile accrochée sur le mur en pierres du salon sert de fil conducteur. Design, sobre, lumineux, superbe réalisation !
a blue refrigerator sitting next to a shelf filled with dishes and plants on top of it
Дизайн магазин Scandia, Design shop Scandia - Scandia
Smeg refrigerator in denim
a kitchen with a blue refrigerator freezer sitting next to a stove top oven under a skylight
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Le blanc comme couleur à Milan | | PLANETE DECO a homes worldPLANETE DECO a homes world
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
El ático nórdico de Macarena Gea (delikatissen)
El ático nórdico de Macarena Gea
a kitchen with a refrigerator, sink and table in the middle of it's room
De keuken - Elske
Kitchen | Elske | www.elskeleenstra.nl #smeg # mint
a kitchen with yellow cabinets and gray stools next to a wooden table in front of a brick wall
היא נקנתה להשקעה, אך נשארה במשפחה: דירה קטנה בנוה צדק
ארונות המטבח תוכננו בצורת האות ר': על קיר הלבנים האדמדמות פס של ארונות לבנים נמוכים, ולצידו ארונות גבוהים בצהוב, כצבע המקרר ( צילום: אביב קורט )
a green refrigerator sitting in the middle of a kitchen next to a potted plant
Colour trends Spring 2013
Bright-colored refrigerators (and flowers) add a spark of happiness to any kitchen. #inspiredkitchen
a dining room table and chairs in front of a wall
The Kitchen Table
Kitchen. Dining Table. Black and White. Modern. Minimal. Black Refrigerator. Vintage. Decor. Design. Interior. Wallpaper.
a dining room table with chairs and a black refrigerator in the background, next to a small kitchen
Modern Country Loves: Smeg Fridges
Smeg's fridge freezer in glossy black can bring a feeling of Cool Country to a minimalist bachelor pad.... Modern Country Loves: Smeg Fridges Click through for details.