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Diy vase
a ceramic teapot with eyes on it sitting on a lace covered tablecloth in front of a window
an orange teapot with a spider web on it's face is sitting on a shelf
an ornate metal tray on a floral table cloth
How to Upcycle a Vintage Serving Tray Using Decoupage
an old tea pot with lace and pearls on it
A Kindred Spirit: Photo
Hi, I'm Debbie. I love to paint, sew, crochet, & simply create lovely things. I have 3 beautiful daughters with my hubby of 45 years, & 6 amazing grandsons! My first loves are Jesus and family! ❤ Enjoy my collection and Hugs! I'm also on Pinterest:
a red tea pot sitting on top of a table
a pink tea set with matching cups and saucers sits on a black tablecloth
a person is painting flowers on a glass tray
How to Upcycle a Vintage Serving Tray Using Decoupage
three bowls with floral designs are stacked on top of each other
DIY Terra Cotta Pot Ideas - Perfect for Mother's Day!
a piece of art that is hanging from a tree branch with leaves on it, in a wooden frame
What Would Khaleesi Wear?
the process of making white flowers in jars
DIY Faux Porcelain Flowers From Plaster Of Paris