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a woman is holding a purse with some decorations on it
a hand holding a pink sweater with flowers on it
“Pink ‘n Plum Sweetie”
two small knitted sweaters are held in someone's hand with buttons on them
Working, Working, and More Working
2 sweaters 586
a knitted sweater with pink flowers on the collar and sleeves, sitting on top of a mannequin
a hand is holding the edge of a piece of white crocheted fabric on a table
John's tatting blog
John's tatting blog - I'd love to tatt a piece like this one day
a quilted blanket with pink flowers on it
My Latest Obsession
My Latest Obsession | Vintage Modern Quilts. (Isn't this beautiful? Haven't looked to see whose this is, but WOW!)
a crocheted blanket sitting on top of a wicker chair
Beginner Quilting - Learn To Design A Yoyo Quilt
Yo yo quilt tutorial
Crochet The Foundation Half Double Crochet (FHDC) | Video Tutorial by Crafting Happiness
Step up your crochet game & learn the Foundation Half Double Crochet, a chainless way of starting your project. Step by step video tutorial. #crochetblankets #crochetafghans #crochetstitches #crochetpatterns #freecrochetpatterns #crochetforbaby #crochetprojects #crochetbaby #babyblankets #stitchesforblankets
someone is knitting something with scissors in their hand
Tutorial - Easy Zig-Zag Crocheted Edging
Finally, something on pinterest I already know how to do! I like using a solid color flannel with a different color around the border. Ex. White with pink or blue trim or blue or pink with white trim. These blankets are so practical, and moms and babies love them! Easy to make too.
Beginner Chain Tutorial
Beginners chain tutorial.