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We may think of children as being simple, sugar-driven, noisy creatures, but they can surprise us in a number of ways. Sometimes they can even impress us by being geniuses in their own right.

50 Hilarious Kids Who Beat The System With Their Inventions

They’re all geniuses in own way.

The internet gives people a lot of freedom, which includes the freedom to post literally whatever’s on our minds at a given moment but the problem is that people often share their less than brilliant ideas and we all the internet never forgets.

50 posts that prove humans aren’t the smartest species around

Is social media making us dumb?

Ultimately, none of us want to spend a lot of time at the airport. We all just want to get to our destination. But we also understand that being in the airport is a necessary evil to getting where you want to go as fast as possible. Sometimes, it just becomes about surviving those long, boring hours until our plane takes off.

50 bizarre sights people have witnessed at the airport

The airport can be a strange place.

It’s much more than a fairytale because, like most other fairytales, it teaches us important lessons about life. No matter how unlikely it may seem, with enough effort and dedication, we can overcome discover our long-dormant inner beauty and let everyone see the proud swan that was hiding inside.

75 ugly ducklings that blossomed into super attractive people


Twitter can be a social media that can have funny posts for everyone! Whether it is a meme, joke, or picture that is posted, mostly everyone can find humor somewhere. Yet, there are certain jokes that only women can understand. We have compiled 75 hilarious tweets that all women will find relatable.

75 all too relatable photos only women will understand

These perfectly sum up what it's like to be a woman.

Someone says he can find anyone’s anime lookalike – then he does it in 50 pictures

This is an amazing collection of anime lookalikes that a lot of work went into pairing them up and some of them are mind blowing

The people in viral memes are enjoying (or not enjoying) an odd kind of fame. They’re known around the world but they didn’t ask for it. Some of them didn’t even know they were famous until they saw their image online.

Famous Internet Memes Then And Now

Some of them love the spotlight and some can’t stand it.

We’ve all had those moments in our childhood when we did a series of photoshoots with playful, weird, and silly expressions along with our siblings, friends, and parents. But ever since social media took over the a

70 Photo recreations that are adorably hilarious and spot-on

Watch how these photo recreations perfectly recaptured the spirit of the years that have gone by.

Humans are absolutely amazing creatures. Each one of us is unique. Every human being has their own personality, experiences, and characteristics. And, of course, we all look different too

55 People With Unique Genetics

These people are stunning!

Celebrity mug shots are quite intriguing because they make us realize that these famous people are human, too. They too commit mistakes and get arrested from time to time, despite being in Hollywood. The following slides are 50 celebrity mug shots that will make you see your favorite celebrities in a different light.

50 infamous celebrity mugshots you never knew existed

They may play an innocent role on screen but in real life, it's a different story.

Maybe that’s the reason subreddits like these have become so popular. Design isn’t always about thinking outside the box, after all. It’s also about being practical and making sure people can use the structures you build. Check out these 35, stair design fails that’ll have you wondering who thought they were ever okay.

35 Stair Design Fails That Are Dangerously Bad

I mean, stairs are something that you want to get right.

But for all that’s changed, there’s plenty that’s still the same. Just like our ancestors, we get splinters, have glasses stick together, and try to light matches on windy days. Sure, we also have smartphones

51 brilliant life hacks that are over 100-years-old

Times have changed, but these hacks haven’t.

When you’re looking into getting a tattoo, you want to make sure to find a skilled artist that can make your vision come to life. Talented tattoo artists really are magicians when it comes to their work

75 Elegant tattoos that truly look like works of art

These tattoos are leaving us speechless!

While we’ve all had our fair share of “oops” when it comes to technology, but no one has had quite as many as the older generations. This is something we completely understand. After all, who do we go to when our car has a problem

50 Older People Trying, But Failing So Hard With Technology

Don't worry, they're still learning, right?

One of the most important parts of going to prom is the dressing up. Some students spend a long time thinking about what they are going to wear. Others even convince their parents to spend a fortune to get the best dresses in town.

55 teens who wore their moms' vintage dresses to prom and crushed it

These lovely ladies surely made their moms proud!

Sometimes losing something ends in hilarity. Well, maybe not for the person who was forgetful. But for everyone else who gets to witnesses what occurred.

75 times people forgot something and faced a hilarious consequence for it

Not paying attention has never been so amusing.