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Conquer the Frontier Like An American Pioneer | Self-sufficiency Ideas and Skills by Survival Life

How to build a log cabin - from Popular Mechanics. My pipe dream - to build my own log cabin somewhere in the Ontario wilderness, near a river to paddle

Distel Hitch | How to tie the Distel Hitch | Climbing Knots

Tutorial on Distel Hitch Tying

Build an Anchor in Poor Rock By Jason D. Martin

Learning how to build an “anchor in-series” will not only give you a solid option for bad rock, but also offers numerous solutions if you run into any other tricky anchor scenarios.

Plan d'un abri de survie en forêt

Knowing how to build a shelter is a survival skill that can come in handy. Get tips here on how to build a shelter and watch survival story videos.

Rappel Without a Belay Device - Climbing

Rappel Without a Belay Device - Climbing - My nightmare of dropping my ATC has been solved!