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Brownie Saudável - Prático e delicioso 🤤😋receita da @islaneolivir
a white plate topped with rice and gravy next to a fork
three plates with cheeseburger and french fries on them sitting on a wooden table
De comer
a white plate topped with french fries covered in cheese and bacon strips on top of it
a square pizza with tomatoes and cheese on it
Ganhe 6 Mil Reais com Salgados Artesanais! 😱
two grilled sandwiches sitting on top of an open grill
french fries covered in ketchup and mayonnaise sitting on a plate next to a bottle of fanta
a grilled cheese and ham sandwich on a white plate with a red drink in the background
the meal is prepared and ready to be eaten with rice, chicken and gravy