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Very practical method of stringing beads
two pink and brown flowers hanging from earrings on a white surface with silver ear wires
Jewelry made by Nature from Hanami
Handmade Jewellery, Clay Jewelry, Handmade Jewelry, Jewels, Jewellry
Marika 🌻 Flower Preservation Artist on Instagram
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Ethiopian Red Opal Necklace
Beaded Bracelets, Boho, Hippies
KatMojo Jewelry – KatMojo Jewelry
The Kayden Bracelet in rainbow is crafted in a chic, vibrant color palette. Mixed-shape, colored gems are bound together to create an extra interesting eternity bracelet design. Each is topped off with tonal enamel, ensuring that this piece will go with every single outfit you put together. Gems Jewelry
Wavy Seed Bead Bracelet | Handmade DIY Jewelry
a paper origami star with designs on it
Poison Apple Printshop
A few more glimpses of The Love Spell Puzzle Purse Valentines hitting the shop this Friday at 12pm EST! Made popular during the Victorian era, the Puzzle Purse is a type of valentine that unfolds in a...
Miyuki beads chain DIY
Miyuki declia beads • Thin jump ring • Nice charms
a close up of a bug on a table with blue and yellow colors in it
Медная брошь с синим лабрадором Жук в интернет-магазине на Ярмарке Мастеров | Брошь-булавка, Волгоград - доставка по России. Товар продан.
Making the sun and moon ring set for an order. Thank you so much for the support! 🥰
a person is holding out their hand with some jewelry on it's palm and there are flowers in the background
Handmade 14k Rose Gold Jewelry
a person is holding some kind of jewelry in their hand with a plant behind them
Here's some wire-wrapped copper snakies I made. 🐍
a woman wearing a necklace with an opal stone in the shape of a leaf
a wire wrapped pendant is sitting on the ground next to some rocks and sea glass
Sensory Sphere
a necklace with blue beads and charms on it
the instructions to make beaded necklaces with beads and pearls, including two rows of beads
Free pattern for necklace Ameli | Beads Magic