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two pictures with the words fizzy cloud dough on them
Fizzy Dough Experiment - Cloud Dough (Taste Safe)
This multi-leveled sensory explore become science experiment is a great entertainer as well as playful learning experience! Take a look at our Fizzy Cloud Dough Experiment (Taste Safe)
two scoops of green and purple colored powder next to each other with the words taste safe, kinetic sand
How to Make Taste-Safe Kinetic Sand - Happy Toddler Playtime
some colorful eggs sitting on top of white shredded paper with the words baking soda paint easter eggs
DIY Baking Soda Paint Easter Eggs
Dye some gorgeous Easter eggs with things you probably already have on hand. This baking soda paint is vibrant & such fun!
a hand holding a sign that says homemade kinetic sand recipe only 3 ingredients
DIY Kinetic Sand Recipe
homemade playdoughs in plastic containers with the title easy homemade playdough in less than 10 minutes
The Easiest Homemade Playdough Recipe {Lasts for Months!}
Homemade play dough
a group of colorful jars sitting on top of each other
Homemade Fingerpaint Recipe
the best playdough recipe for kids to make with colored playdough dough
a wooden spoon filled with colored crayons and the words homemade sidewalk chalk
Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Recipe
a hand that has been painted with different colors and shapes, is shown on an instagram
Homemade Finger paint!
homemade finger paint! This would be awesome with the kids!
colorful play dough is being made with marshmallows
Edible Marshmallow Play Dough
This marshmallow play dough is SO MUCH FUN and it has to be the easiest play dough recipe we've ever made! And best of all, it's completely safe to eat!
two hands holding a green substance with the words, 2 ingredient silly putty an easy candy play recipe
How to Make Silly Putty with only 2-Ingredients - Happy Toddler Playtime
a child playing with pink sand and toys
This Simple Kinetic Sand Recipe = Hours of Fun - Fun Cheap or Free
a child is playing with pink sand in their hands and the text reads, taste safe kinetic sand
Taste Safe Kinetic Sand
a gold glitter toilet seat cover with the words easy gold slime on it's side
Amazing Gold Slime Recipe - Little Bins for Little Hands