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a drawing of a woman sitting in front of a computer with the caption i just want all my favorite characters to be happy and alive
Lol haha funny pics / pictures / books / characters / SO TRUE!
several different types of glasses are shown in this diagram
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
an anime poster with the names of different characters in each character's avatars
I got sebastian!!!! i would also like Levi in there please! :3 - Sety
many different anime characters with the words who is your best friend? and what do they say
My last one I got MIRAJANE and NOW I get JUVIA!!!!!!I am SO lucky!
an anime character with the words what are you to sebastian michelis? on it
This is one of the rare times that I'm happy I was born in November!
an anime character with blue hair and green eyes, in front of a white background
Wow! Harem 0.o
an anime birthday card with the names of each character and their children's name
Jellal and erza
Nobody can beat Minato. Naruto Meme, Funny Naruto, Yellow Flash, Photo Naruto, Naruto Stuff, Manga Naruto, Desain Signage
Nobody can beat Minato.
an image of a cartoon that is being watched by someone
I'm not sure who's funnier. Naruto or Tobi. from Dark Silver
naruto funny pics | not sure who's funnier. Naruto or Tobi. from Dark Silver - hosted ...