This sausage is mine.

"Walk away Mr Kelly. One way or another these sausages are coming with me." Note: Your cat should not actually eat sausages unless they're homemade because they could contain toxic ingredients like onion, or too much salt.

"there's no food in my bowl" - yeah, I guess this song is not gonna sound very nice??

Cool Cat Tree Plans

"there's no food in my bowl" – yeah, I guess this song is not gonna sound very nice? xD…can already imagine it goes something like this: "stupid slave fill the food bowl NOW or you'll be sorry!

Totally me!!!!

Totally me!!!!

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So true

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Of course it was the dog !!

The Classic Head Boop - 18th May 2015

Crochet Cat loves her yarn.When my cats were kittens, they learned fast to stay away from my yarn - that is - if they liked living.

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Diferențele de vârstă!

Diferențele de vârstă!

Awww! <3 #FunnyPhoto

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