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a garden with purple flowers in front of a brick building
English country garden style - what it is and how to achieve it
a stone building with a blue door and sign on the outside wall that says butternut mill
Bespoke Cottage Style Front and Back Doors Framed Ledged Oak or Painted Hardwood
there are many lanterns on the steps with happy birthday written on them and lit up
Home Decor -
Lanterns for the garden. Shared by #nwqe #garden
an old fashioned mason jar hanging on the side of a wooden fence with several jars attached to it
Lighting in the Garden
Outdoor lighting with mason jars. Kind of a cool idea. I think maybe even painting the outside of these different colors would make it look really neat at night! Love this for my garden
an old ladder is used as a plant stand for potted plants and other flowers
32 Fascinating Garden Decorating Ideas ! - Decozilla
love this idea, it would work really well in smaller gardens and courtyards.
an old wooden pallet is filled with plants and herbs to make a herb garden
15 Unusual Vegetable Garden Ideas
Good idea for keeping the bunnies & deer, etc. away...... bunnies yes, deer, I don't think so.