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a person standing on top of a cliff with a quote above it that reads, ` `
a man in a red robe standing with his hands together
Such a beautiful, thoughtful person.
a woman in red is standing on a stone wall with a cross and tree behind her
Buddhist Art
a man with his hands folded in prayer while wearing glasses and a yellow jacket is standing outside
National Geographic Creative | Stock Photography, Royalty-Free Images, Motion and Talent
"Just remember, karma has everybody’s address.” —His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
three young monks sitting on the ground with bowls in front of their backs and hands
Four novice monks--Myanmar
Four novice monks. Myanmar.
three monks sitting on the ground with mountains in the background
Nuns at Pangmo, Spiti
a young boy dressed in traditional chinese clothing
Mighty Eagle Hunters of Mongolia - Alison Wright Photographer
TIBET - Alison Wright
several people in red robes walking down a narrow street with buildings on either side and yellow walls behind them
Ganden Monastery, Tibet
a monk is standing in front of a red door with gold decorations on the doors
Untitled by Ken Lee / 500px
Tashilhunpo Monastery, Tibet
a man holding a small child in front of other people sitting down and looking at each other
Himalayan Pilgrimage | by Ernst Haas,Tibet, c1978
the monks are walking down the street together
Dalai Lama et al
two monks in red robes are walking down the street
Myanmar, Burma. Mingun, near Mandalay. Two Young Novice Bhuddist Monks Walking on the Hsinbyume Paya, a Stupa | Cecil Images
Myanmar/Burma, near Mandalay. Two Young Novice Bhuddist Monks Walking on the Hsinbyume Paya, a Stupa Built in 1816. Cecil Image
a group of monks in red and yellow robes with tassels on their heads
Yellow Hats
black and white photograph of a man with his head down holding a large metal object
Garchen Rinpoche
many children are sitting at desks with books in their hands and one child is smiling
Burma (Myanmar)
Burma (Myanmar)