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a pie chart with the words musicians while practing in different colors on it
sheet music with the words fahre's are and death waitz on it
Tchaikovsky's Brokovsky
two cell phones sitting on top of a piano with the caption do i look like i have 8 fingers?
Logic guys
spongebob reading a book with the number 2 in front of him and his name on it
two pictures with the same caption for each person to describe, and one has an image of a man in a tuxedo
Dad Jokes for Everyone's Inner Father Figure
an old sheet with music notes on it and the words,'the sound of silence '
20 Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand
a clock with musical notes on the face and numbers in the background, as well as an arrow
zenészek órája :P :D
an orange fox is walking across a wire fence with flowers and music notes on it
Happy tunes for happy day
an older man is talking to a younger woman in front of a piano with musical notes
Mozart and his father
an old fashioned typewriter with the words curos y talleres written on it
a drawing of two men talking to each other