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a cartoon character with the words she was my fave
Emma || lego friends
#whisper #legofriends #lego #emma #emmalegofriends #relatable
the words i miss when math was just 1 and 3 on it are in front of bottles
two women standing next to each other with the caption does anyone else properly try to fall back asleep to continue their dream?
Me 🤚
a pink lego batman with the words i'm literally batman
a girl in pink dress holding an apple and the words how i feel after using the american flag and eagle emo is known
*in heavy Southern accent* god bless 'murica 🇺🇸🦅💥
an origami umbrella sitting on top of a table next to a coffee cup
mn dont repost
fortune tellers
the text reads, my heart stops working when this comes up with an image downloaded
why this pops when we download a imagine 🤨
a cartoon character with pink hair and green hat, saying wait why is everyone suddenly playing brawl stars again?
literally all my classmates talk abt it all the time 😭
i had a huge obsession with brawl stars ages ago and chester was my favorite 😔 #whisper #brawlstars #chester
a girl in white shirt and brown pants with the words i get so annoying and weird once im comfy that it starts to make me mad
#whispers Careless Whisper, Ignore, Feelings Quotes, Truth
a person holding their head in his hands with the caption, i'm not sure
i hate growing up.