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The evolution of Octavia Blake - The 100

Normally I don't like AU junk, especially like this. But this is actaully adorable.

I ship it so much Bellarke! (Ik it's in the books cuz I've read em but I also love the show and Bob is super hot and idek i just ship it so much)

I got You got Jasper Jordan! Which "The 100" Character Is Your Soulmate?

I miss the first season Jasper so much :(

I REALLY like this show. I go through at least 5 different emotions with each episode.

the 100 - season 3 poster

*radioactive starts playing* the exact moment I fell in love with The 100.

The 100 *radioactive starts playing* the exact moment I fell in love with The

Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake || Bellarke || The 100 || Eliza Jane Taylor and Bob Morley

Bellarke Clarke and Bellamy 100

21 TV Shows To Binge-Watch If You Haven't Already, Because Every Lazy Day Needs Some Netflix | Bustle

If you& a TV addict like me, then I bet you have a list of shows that are perfect for binge-watching. Whether you prefer sitting on your couch or lounging in bed, there is nothing better than soaking in a few hours of a TV show. Binge-watching is a

Contemporary style Romany caravan. Gorgeous.

Gypsy Caravan Interior Design - Home Design Ideas

Hagrid and Norbert by LadyDesiree

Hagrid and Norbert by LadyDesiree

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