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a bathroom sink with black and white tiles on the wall, gold faucet
Still one of my favorites!! Half bathroom! Hexagon black backsplash, gold accents, green cabinets.
Slat wall, hexagon tile, green cabinets, gold accents, halfbath bathroom ideas!
A garage must-have #homefinds #garagegoals #outdoorlivingspace #amazonfinds2023 #amazonhomefinds
an open door with a blue handle on it
Magnetic Wall Door Stop - Prop your doors open - Coral
Hold doors open without oddly placed objects on the floor, & prevent door dings on the wall. Doorstop comes with a rare-earth magnet which is strong enough to hold the door neatly open without the bulk of traditional door stops. Easy to install in 5 minutes Great for when you have your hands full or want a cool breeze flowing through the house. Also great for those using mobility devices, such as wheelchairs, for quick and seamless entry/exit of any room. No bending required because the magnet d
an empty room with two lamps hanging from the ceiling and wood flooring on the walls
The Art of the Black Feature Wall: A Guide to Interior Makeovers