Karina Staicova

Karina Staicova

Karina Staicova
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The Water Tower, London, 2012 - ACR Architects

Water Tower Turned London Residence Remember this from Grand Designs? This Water Tower conversion features some pretty impressive sliding glass walls.

H Arquitectes inserts courtyard home  between two existing Spanish houses

H Arquitectes inserts courtyard home between two existing Spanish houses. Different size brick works gives the house a human feel/dimension, away from an industrial look.

Podere Navigliano / Ciclostile Architettura

Built by Ciclostile Architettura in , Italy with date Images by Fabio Mantovani. Podere Navigliano is an antique tuscan farmhouse in the heart of Sienese Clays where nature and history are the undis.

Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architetti (Швейцария). Каменный дом : «Д.Журнал» — журнал о дизайне и архитектуре

New and old merge together and create a new ensemble in a renovated stone house in the core of the village of Scaiano, Switzerland by Wespi de Meuron Romeo

Haus Hohlen / Jochen Specht

NEW FACADE WRAPS OLD HOUSE l Jochen Specht envelops a house in rural Austria by encasing its stone walls behind a new facade made up of dark timber, concrete and plenty of windows with views of the Rhine Delta and Lake Constance.

House in Chiharada / Studio Velocity

House in Chiharada, Japan, shaped like a fairytale tower with five different staircases connecting its two floors by Studio Velocity.

Restoration and adaptation of a 16th century Chapel in Brihuega / Adam Bresnick

Built by Adam Bresnick in Brihuega, Spain with date Images by Eugeni Pons. The chapel rehabilitation is for a new typology --a multi-purpose space for events—ranging from a formal wedding to t.

LOFT LK, Paris, 2012 - Olivier Chabaud Architectes

Loft LK is a private residence located in Paris, France. It was designed by Olivier Chabaud Architectes in Photos by: Philippe Harden