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Sometimes an item is so bad or good that we just have to leave a review. But there are lots of items that we find satisfactory that we don’t even bother. After all, leaving a review takes time. But there are other people who delight in leaving reviews. They go out of their way to make their review hilarious or even craft elaborate stories. Some of these stories have nothing to do with the actual product.

50 Seriously Funny Amazon Reviews Posted By Shoppers

People actually took the time to write these.

A lot of people wish they could just be a little bit taller. Are you one of them? So many people want to be taller but do we actually know what it means to be tall? These tall people will show us what it means. And the view is sometimes not so good up there.

35 Everyday Struggles Tall People Have

At least they seem to have a good sense of humor about it.

These sisters know their brothers pretty well and surely knew that their responses would be entertaining. That’s why they asked, no matter how humbling it would be. Some are incredibly generous, while others roast them like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

35+ Sisters Who Quickly Regretted Asking Their Brothers "How Do I Look?"

They couldn’t pass up a question like this an not deliver in typical “brother” style.

One common household item can act as a bug repellent, pain reliever, and more. Do you know what it is? It’s Vick’s VapoRub, and most of us have a jar in our house. Typically, this topical cream is used to treat congestion caused by the common cold. Of course, this is a go-to use, but keep reading–you’ll want to buy it in bulk. Vick’s VapoRub has far more uses than meets the eye. Made of eucalyptus oil, menthol, camphor, and other calming agents, Vick’s VapoRub can treat a variety of…

40 little known uses for Vicks VapoRub that will make you want to always keep a jar at home

Vick's does more than just clear a congested chest.

With social distancing and quarantine, Mother’s Day wasn’t all that easy in 2020. However, that didn’t stop some thoughtful daughters from coming up with a unique way to commemorate the day. These daughters decided to recreate pictures of their moms from earlier years. The best part was that they chose to pose as their moms in the photos. Some of the images are uncanny. Here are 40 of the best ones on the internet:

40 daughters recreate their moms' old school looks with astonishing results

These daughters were stuck at home, but that didn't mean they were going to forget Mother's Day. They still showed their moms they are always remembered.

The thing about siblings is they either get along really well or not at all. To the point that they live separate lives with different interests. But when parenting is done right, bonded siblings just work well for everyone. There’s nothing like having a closeness with your brothers and sisters. They are your first best friends and studies show that it helps with a person’s overall health too.

Sister Clog Champions Raise Bar With Hypnotic Routine

I think I burned calories by just watching them.

It’s almost 2020 and most of us are keeping up pretty well. But there are some people who are living in 3020! These people are so intelligent, innovative, and amazing that we hardly have words to describe them. So stand back and say “awe” at their awesomeness. Time for a trip to the future.

50 People Living In 3010 While The Rest Of Us Are In 2019

Some people just live smarter, not harder.

From oversensitive responses to messages meant to be private, we’ve found some of the most cringe-worthy moments on the Internet. It’s clear from these 55 photos, texts, and posts that people either need to chill WAY out or be much more aware of their situations.

55 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments Shared On The Internet

Luckily, now we can enjoy them.

It’s not uncommon for daughters to take after their moms, but they are usually seen as a younger version of them. In some cases however, moms look so young and fresh that people have a hard time telling them apart. The pictures that follow prove that if you stay young at heart and take good care of yourself, one day you might look as young as your children!

50 moms post pics with their daughters and people can't tell them apart

These women have incredible genes.

The early days of the United States were truly a different era, and it’s crazy how much things have changed over the years. These vintage ads that were commonplace and normal at the time they were produced are so unbelievably offensive now that it’s hard to imagine we’re still living in the same country. They are not only shocking but kind of hilarious at the same time… in a bad way that is. The good news is that we have come a long way since then, and honestly, at this point, all we can…

50 Vintage Ads That Would Definitely Be Banned Today

At the time, these were the norm.

Photographer spends forever waiting for museum visitors to match artwork, the result is worth the wa

The universe aligned.

Whether lofty or humble, setting and reaching your goals requires a lot of commitment. These 50 people have overcome various obstacles, from health issues to financial troubles to just plain bad luck to make their dreams come true. One thing you’ll notice is that no matter the size of the accomplishment, they all take a tremendous amount of pride in what they’ve achieved and have a great attitude about the future. Some might say that’s the first step to manifesting your dreams. Whether you…

50+ People Who Showed There Are No Excuses On Path To Success

Whether your goals are big or small, these 50 people will inspire you to go after your dreams and celebrate your victories along the way. After all, being happy with what you have achieved is the first step towards manifesting success.

Each and every human on Earth is brilliantly unique. Our individualness is something that each of us celebrates. Whether it’s with our clothing and style or the things we say, believe, and do. Since home is where the heart is, it’s also a place where we like to express ourselves and our individual point of view. You’ll see it in our furniture, decor, and home design. And even on the outside of our home.

50 funny yard signs people have posted in their yard

That's one way to make people laugh.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, in the United States, more than 20-26% of women and 8-12% of men experience a major depressive episode at some point in their lives. Teenagers are prone to depression because of a combination of hormonal changes as well as social stressors like peer pressure and bullying, though persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest in activities can occur to any young person, even if they’re not going through teenage drama.

Hairstylist Refuses To Shave Depressed Teen’s Matted Hair – Gives Her Makeover Of A Lifetime Instead

When a depressed 16-year-old girl walked into her salon with severely matted hair, Kayley Olsson and her colleagues went the extra mile to help out the girl before her school picture day.

If you find a surprise inside of an object, chances are it was by accident – as in, you broke it. Then again, some of us are just curious and want to know what things are made of. Then there are the moments when you get the bad or weird kind of surprise when you bite into something or cut it open and there’s something in there that shouldn’t be. The truth is, there’s a lot of “stuff” lurking inside everyday objects that we could have never known was in there.

60 People who broke or opened something and were not expecting what they saw inside

But is it what's on the inside that counts?