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a quote that reads just when you think god is not listening to your prayer, he sends a reminder that he is always there for you
Just when you think God is not listening to your prayers, He sends a reminder that He is always there for you.
a man and woman kissing each other with the words boyfriends do not get husband pril
Boyfriends Do Not Get Husband Privileges
As your boyfriend he has potential to be your husband, but it’s not until he has reached that potential and has the capability to provide for you, make you his #1 privilege, create a home with…
How To Believe, Know Yourself, Vie Motivation, Journal Writing Prompts, Self Care Activities, The Foundation, Emotional Healing, What’s Going On
How to know yourself: 7 essential keys to a happy life
Journal Prompts, Feeling Stuck, Self Care Routine, Self Improvement Tips, Emotional Health
What feeling stuck actually means