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Africa Trans-Saharan Trade Resource Map Activity l Google Classroom

African American History

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Boosting Confidence: Encouraging Elementary Students Through Testing
ELA TEST PREP Understanding Prompts for State Writing Tests PowerPoint


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Looking for engaging picture cards to use while practicing fruit names? Great for farm units or food themes, these vocabulary flash cards are ideal for Preschool, Kindergarten, ESL, Speech, and Special Education students, with a mix of 20 common fruits included!These versatile cards can be used for ...
While working in a school, sometimes we need to start sensitive conversations with a student's caregiver. Please use these suggestions as guidance and modify the language to fit each unique situation to preserve the family's dignity. Please also remember to utilize cultural and religious sensitivity...
Social Skill Directions and Plans by The Sunny Sunshine Student Support Store

Autism, special ed

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Make going back to school exciting with this fun and engaging back to school bingo game! Perfect for getting students back into the swing of things while having a blast. Grab these 35 printable bingo cards and make the return to school a memorable experience for everyone!
Back to School Icebreaker | Find Someone Who Printable Activity | TPT

Back to School

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A creative and east birthday treat for students from teachers! Type in your birthday reward, print, and cover with a scratch off sticker. Prep these ahead of time and classroom birthdays will be easy peasy!
Celebrate Educators with these fun Teacher Appreciation Week Editable Crown/Headband Craft Templates. A perfect activity for end of year celebrations or any day dedicated to recognizing the hard work of educators. This set of charming and easy to use templates invites students to color, cut and assemble personalized crowns for their favorite teachers, principals, staff members, secretaries, librarians and counselors.

Building Classroom Community

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"🌟 Inspire Growth with Dramamommaspeaks Posters!  Featuring wisdom from icons like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Judi Dench, Daniel Radcliffe,  Audra McDonald and more! Transform your classroom with positivity and possibility! #GrowthMindset #Education
Dr. Seuss Themed Craft Templates by Early Childhood Resource Center
Daily Visual Schedule by Early Childhood Resource Center | TPT

Bulletin Board ideas

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Preschool Bee Math Bundle - 4 Counting Numbers Spring Insect Activity Centers
Phonics Worksheets & Flashcards Bundle! Perfect for homeschool educators and teachers, this bundle includes versatile phonics worksheets and engaging alphabet flashcards. Utilizing the SATPIN method, these resources simplify teaching phonetic sounds and letter recognition. Ideal for Pre-K through First Grade, it also features bonus letter tiles for interactive word building activities. Elevate your teaching toolkit with this comprehensive phonics resource and witness your students' reading skills soar! Visit our store now to explore more!


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Student Calendar Journal! Perfect for Pre-k and Kindergarten. Create an interactive experience with colorful monthly calendars, weather trackers, and more. Print, laminate, and watch as young minds blossom. Explore seasons, days of the week, and engage in weather activities. Unlock the potential for daily discovery! Click to transform your teaching space.  #teacherresources #homeschool #morningmeetings
Check out this versatile Classroom Calendar and Months of the Year Bundle! With 82 pages, it's a perfect blend of seasons, holidays, and weather charts. Plus, engaging hand motions make learning the months a breeze. Transform your space and inspire young minds! #kindergarten #firstgrade #homeschool #coop

Calendar Sets

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Character Education

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Less is more for classroom decor 🤩 The grey tones in this farmhouse decoration bundle creates a calming, neutral vibe for elementary students!   So many decor pieces are included, like the cute classroom calendar, job chart, and alphabet posters. Or check out the individual pieces to mix and match your classroom mood!
These inspirational dog themed posters are a cute and uplifting way to elevate your classroom while reminding your students that they can do anything they put their mind to! The posters are light and bright colors with a black and white options as well. Some phrases are punny dog themed, and others are motivational dog themed.  This resource includes:  -12 posters -2 font options to pick from -color pastel lights and brights theme -black and white options included

Classroom Decor

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Discover how gamifying math can make your lessons fun and exciting! 

Boost your student engagement and understanding with interactive activities that reinforce key math skills. 

Learn how to make kids excited about learning math and why it is more important now!
Any fin is possible! In Boom™ Cards Fish Add Movable Suns to 20 Tens Frames Lesson Digital Resource, learners answer 15 questions. Students set up the problem to solve using tens frames and suns, then type in an answer and press submit. This resource can be used as whole group instruction, a math center station and an intervention. This activity is randomized or different for each lesson!

Digital Learning

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Expose your students to printed text, even if it is written by their peers. Give young learners the opportunity to practice writing short texts, which is crucial to develop literacy skills in the new language. Adapt this book to your student’s level.
Using the same cards to play the grammar bags. Find two lunch bags and glue the words countable and uncountable nouns. Students will sort the cards and justify why based on how you taught them.
The resource is for teaching Elementary English Language Learners (ESOL, ELL,ESL) Includes: small Cards household items and teaching tips. As seen on my blog: https://eflelementaryresources.blogspot.com/2024/07/furniture-in-house-small-cards-for.html

English Language Learners

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End of the Year Award Certificates by Early Childhood Resource Center
When I Grow Up Certificates by Early Childhood Resource Center | TpT

End of Year

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Ban This Book by Alan Gratz | Complete Novel Unit Bundle | TPT
Lemonade Letter Tracing Strips - Preschool Kinder Summer Alphabet Formation
Inside Out and Back Again | Complete Novel Bundle by Multilingual Multiverse

English Language Arts

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Dive into the captivating life of Lin Manuel Miranda, the creative genius behind *Hamilton* and *In the Heights*. This free biography lesson will engage your students with fascinating information about his life and accomplishments. stories. Perfect for theater students and vocal music students.
Looking for exciting autumn games for kindergarteners? Try our free fall memory game! This unique flashlight game combines fun and learning, helping kids develop memory skills with a delightful autumn theme. Ideal for both classrooms and homeschooling, this game is easy to set up and sure to entertain. Give your young learners a memorable fall activity they’ll love. Visit our online store now to access this engaging game and make your autumn learning sessions more fun!
The Innovator Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay Teachers


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Learning to decode is a key focus to the word recognition process. This workbook provides instruction and practice with specific phonetic elements that can be somewhat tricky.. Lessons are provided for these sounds: wa, dge, ind-ild, old-ost-oll-olt, igh-eigh, aste-ange-ough-ought. Key words f...

First Grade

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Work on fine motor skills and writing all in one fun autumn activity! Elementary students will love cutting and gluing the acorn and writing clues to describe their object. Easy to differentiate for early childhood!
🍁 Dive into the season with our Fall Math Games for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade! 🍂 Perfect for teachers and subs, this 'Solve Around the Room' activities bundle offers engaging and educational math challenges. Make learning fun this autumn! 📚✏️ #FallMathGames #3rdGradeMath #4thGradeMath #5thGradeMath #SolveAroundTheRoom #FallMathActivities #AutumnLearning"

Fall Resources

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These test prep puzzles are a fun way to teach following directions and critical thinking. Great for back to school at the beginning of the year or standardized test preparation. You get five challenging puzzles! In the first puzzle, students will cross words off of a table according to the directio...
Daily Learning Objective & Formative Assessment Notes Foldable | TpT

Following Directions

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Irregular Verbs Past Tense Worksheet L.2.1.D Distance Learning | TPT
Compound Subject Compound Predicate Worksheets Distance Learning


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Preschool Kinder Earth Day Literacy Bundle - 4 April Alphabet Center Activities
Looking for an engaging Easter-themed Social Emotional Learning activity to practice identifying and naming basic emotions? Excellent for SEL, Counseling, Special Education, or ESL students practicing feelings vocabulary, this Easter egg feelings Play Dough mat is also a great accompaniment to Pres...

Games and Puzzles

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Engaging handwriting and tracing skills bundle! Featuring 20 interactive task cards, this set is perfect for preschool and kindergarten students. Each card offers a fun way to practice pre-handwriting skills, from tracing shapes to completing mazes. Plus, you'll get a bonus PPT with creative ideas to further strengthen fine motor skills. Ideal for teachers and parents alike, these resources make learning a blast. Visit now and transform practice into play!


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Code Hacker! US Constitution Escape Room Activity: Google Lesson
Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation Analysis Stations History Activity
Westward Expansion Mini Bundle: Interactive Notebook or Independent Work Packet

History 8th grade

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Looking for WORLD EARTH DAY activities and have no time? These 8 no-prep activities WITH ANSWER KEY are perfect to celebrate EARTH DAY or for early finishers to do during a April. Just print and go with these activities!#primavera #spring  #printablespringcrafts #spanishresource #englishresource #activitiesforprimary #imprimibles #manualidades #diyandcrafts #efl #bilingualeducation
Solar Eclipse 2024 PowerPoint

Holidays and Special Days

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