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roses are huge violets are heavy dandelions are small love is not
Sheldon The Dinosaur (@TinySheldon) / X
an image of different types of water
a poster with an image of a duck in a boat and the caption reads captain sheldon hunts for the legendary moy william
an image of a cartoon turtle sitting on leaves with the caption shell loves autumn he's looking forward to leaf surfing
Sheldon the Tiny Dino
a cartoon turtle holding a roll of toilet paper in its mouth and the caption says, she's actually pretty strong for his size he's got a pretty intense workout routine
a drawing of a turtle on top of a bed with the caption, she's found a bed it's a marshmallow
Sheldon The Tiny Dinosaur
a drawing of a banana with an apple slice on it's side and the caption, shadda finds that apple slices much bigger than great see - saws