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someone is pouring red wine into a glass
Very Merry Ornamentini
Very Merry Ornamentini - #ornamentini #recipe #christmas #cocktail #recipe #holiday
bailey's slow cooker hot chocolate recipe with marshmallows in it
Baileys Hot Chocolate - Delicious Slow Cooker Recipe
Baileys Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate - The perfect, most creamy and delicious crock pot hot chocolate you can imagine. Ideal for Christmas and winter days.
someone pouring cranberry kiss into a martini glass
Amaretto Cranberry Kiss - Thanksgiving.com #cocktails #partyrecipes
a pitcher and two glasses filled with cranberry punch next to a christmas tree
Easy Jingle Juice Holiday Punch (only 3 ingredients!)
Jingle Juice Holiday Punch | inspiredbycharm.com #IBCholiday
a drink with ice, cranberries and rosemary garnish
Mistletoe Cocktail for Christmas Entertaining - This Lil Piglet
We’re coming face to face with entertaining friends and family for the holidays and setting a table that is beautifully festive. The food is important of course but the details of the table… More
two martini glasses sitting on top of a counter next to a christmas tree in the background
White Cranberry Martini, a Winter Wonderland Cocktail
White Cranberry Martini 2
the lemon drop martini is ready to be served
Lemon Drop Martini
How to make a Lemon Drop Martini! This cocktail is so delicious. #lemon #cocktail
two martini glasses with raspberries and mint garnish on the rims
Modern Classics You Should Know: The Cosmopolitan
White Cranberry Juice transforms this Sex and The City Classic into the perfect winter #cocktail !
an entry way with stairs and chandelier
$3.395 Million Mansion In Franklin, TN
2-story Foyer w/ Staircase
a glass filled with liquid sitting on top of a purple blanket
Food Wine Sunshine: Florida Recipes, Activities, Health and Wellness
Sweet lemonade and rich Cabernet Sauvignon mix together to make this Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail the taste of a summer sunset!