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Gradina Botanica Alexandru Borza din Cluj

Gradina Botanica Alexandru Borza din Cluj - 1000 Locuri de vizitat in Romania

Cluj-Napoca | © Ștefan Jurcă/Flickr

Find fantastic painted monasteries, imposing castles, and natural wonders on our list of the most beautiful spots in Romania.

We all love those iconic travel attractions: Paris, Milan, Venice, the Louvre. But how about something new, have you ever heard of Transylvania? How about visiting Cluj-Napoca, the underdog of Europe?

Cluj-Napoca is the official capital of the Grand Principality of Transylvania. A city in Europe you never thought of visiting, but you should!

Cluj-Napoca - Bellevue Panorama

Napoca 180 - Bellvedere by Alex Bartiş