Your Queen👑

Your Queen👑

Unicorn Palace / In love with two green eyes😍|| 18 || Romania || Love all my girls and princesses || I was, am and forever will be Y.O.U.R Q.U.E.E.N ❤️👑❤️
Your Queen👑
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To drift off to a place where there is no pain, no battles, no bitterness, no evil... ahhh that can only be heaven.

Sylvia Plath - I know this thought.but, I am proof that you can move beyond it and live deeply and even happily again. Suicide is a false remedy and the easy way. If you believe you MUST waste your life then at least give it for others in service.

but i didn't because i'm standing right in front of you but still you say nothing. -SW

Because I still have days that I break down and cry Jake. days where I don’t think I could love anyone else. days where I can actually feel the pain from losing you. I’m drowning, and you seem to be breathing better than ever

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Hey, I'm Nikita Gill and here is where all the poetry, prose and quotes I write are. All poetry, quotes and prose written in both places under the name Nikita Gill are my copyright, please don't remove the credits. Hope you enjoy your stay!

You refuse to do anything but text me and now uve stopted that. Is it because if you saw my face or heard my voice you would know how strong you feel and you know u could never walk away. So now its easy bc texting was easy so run baby run. You wont get far

I have always felt like I needed closure with my first love. Never got to say something that was so important to me. Never got a last hug, a last talk.