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Creepypasta- its frightening how all these things happen to people a lot and how we couldve turned out like this..

I believe it goes: clockwork, Sally, laughing jack, Jeff the killer, BEN drowned and lastly Ticci Toby

Slenderman and Jeff the Killer - comic

Slenderman and Jeff the Killer - comic-->you gotta admit Jeff did a really good job putting braids in your tentacles Slendy

Some think I'm shy because I do not participate in conversations, but the truth is that I give a shit what they say.

One bubble is Creepypasta, one is BVB, one is Black Butler and one is blank at time or a rainbow XD.<< for me one bubble is creepypasta/marble hornets, one is home stuck, one is knives or just weapons in general and the other one faygo

When someone ask what is creepypasta

When someone ask what is creepypasta, This reminds me of you Singhania Discord <--- I enjoy that it's Tyler Oakley.

Sensuales everywere ewe

Creepypasta - Hoody, jeff the killer, eyeless jack and masky finally a cp picture where jeff actually looks his age and not 18 or some shit)