Jungkookie's Abs

Jungkookie's Abs

Idfk. / You got no jams.
Jungkookie's Abs
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Yep. This has happened to me. My Ringtone is Yongguk saying "I need you!" And it was on full volume!

My ringtone was cypher and i dont even care about people around me. Like, so what if i like kpop and my ringtone is bts song?

#bts #cute

I aspire to be able to transition from cute to sexy in an instant like this man can

my family probably feels like this @ me rn lmao

How my friends feel about me. Gosh their probably so tired of hearing me talk about BTS.

the accuracy though :D

No Jungkookie is afraid of very little. He's not scared of rollercoasters. If he yelled eomma, he'd be making sure Jin was okay