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Adrian Alexandru
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Eat your Veggies - Mr. Carrot Wall Tapestry by Its Ok To Dazzle Me

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Did you know that there are plenty of edible plants out there that you'd never thought of? They Are Potential Lifesavers with this precious knowledge!

Plantain...typically referred to as a weed is, is really a magical plant with many medicinal uses. Plantain has the power to pull out toxins, infections and foreign substances from the body. This makes a plantain poultice an excellent remedy for insect bites/stings, splinters, boils, cuts and scrapes, burns and even toothaches. It's also a great blood cleanser.

plantain herb Plantain, a common weed, is perfect for bites and stings. Either make up a tincture with dried leaves and apple cider vinegar, or crush a few fresh leaves and slap on a bite when you're out in the yard.