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Julia Verestoy
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Mateusz Ozminski/#fairytales #fairyart #wonder @ancientsummer

Mateusz Ozminski is a 27 years old digital concept artist living in Poznan, Poland. His list of clients includes Volta, Legendary Pictures, Mattel, Ub

This is one idea similar to the castle I picture for the book! Just probably have to add domes... It's the Purefoy's ( what they are you will have to wait ) castle.

Leheath Stronghold: This walled castle has white stone walls, and a round keep with a massive central fireplace. The lady of the castle is a woman named Gythiua. The castle courtyards are filled with fruit trees and gardens.

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My most vivid dream was of discovering floating waterfall deep in beautiful woods. Although it was just a dream, just thinking of those sky waterfalls makes me happy.