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an image of some sort of black and white pattern with red dots on the bottom
huge collection of face ideas for dolls, embroidery, etc. Lesson learned, don't pin using Google translate. It makes a broken link. Sorry, everyone. These faces came from a pin on Duitang, looks for my other similar pins for a link that works.
a drawing of different types of cups with their names and numbers on the top one
© Blue Chair Diary Illustrations. A to Z Lattes. (scanned version) :)
the cover of crystalizing watercolors is shown in three different colors, including blue and green
Homemade Paint Recipe: Crystallizing Watercolors
Gorgeous shimmery crystallizing paints that you can make with items found in a grocery store. A new paint recipe from Fun at Home with Kids
a person is painting a pine tree on paper with a brush and watercolor pencil
ERRP | Expired Registration Recovery Policy
All kinds of tutorials for painting different things.
the different types of makeup brushes and their uses
inspiration - sketchbook journals watercolor - brushes and strokes
the different types of brushes and their uses for drawing, painting, and other things
I need to really remember this one.
the pint app shows how to use different brushes and colors for your own project
Specialty Brush Techniques - Paint along with Jillybean as she demonstrates how to use many of the Dynasty Black Gold Specialty Brushes. Includes a printable CD with 250 pages of full color instructions, patterns and color step by step photos.
a drawing of a red fox sitting down
Little fox II by Liedeke on DeviantArt
I like foxes ^w^ Please leave a comment
an orange animal with leaves coming out of it's mouth and the tail is flying away
Fox Trot by AudreyMillerArt on DeviantArt
"Fox Trot" was originally done in gouache with ink detailing. If you are interested in purchasing this image as a print, check out my etsy page at All artwork is original by AudreyMillerART. All wa...
a notebook with a drawing of a dog's head in the shape of a circle
imgfave - Amazing and inspiring images
A new doodle to try?