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Ninja Creami Fruit Sorbet!!!!
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Creami Cravings: The Ultimate Ninja Creami Recipe Book
Pumpkin Cheesecake Protein Ice Cream🍦 228 calories 23g protein 😋🤤 Original Recipe from my E-Book Check out the link in my bio for more recipes like this! 400g Fat Free Fairlife Milk 45g sweetener 60g canned pumpkin 30g (2 tbsp) Pumpkin cream cheese (I use the one from Trader Joe’s) 2.5g (0.5 tsp) vanilla extract 2g (½ tsp) pumpkin pie spice 1g (¼ tsp) salt 1g (¼ tsp) xanthan gum 228 cal 21g C, 5g F, 23g P Follow me for more Ninja Creami recipes!
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